The Church


In August of 2011, God led Cisco and a team of people to lay the groundwork for Village Church of Oak Park. We’re a church plant of the Evangelical Free Church of America in the near west suburbs of Chicago. For more information on the church go to We’d love to see you some Sunday morning!



7 thoughts on “The Church

  1. Hey … small world! I am a friend of Big John Howell. I am also a member of an Evangelical Free Church in Onalaska, Wisconsin, and former attendee of Door Creek Cuurch in Madison. I know Cisco will do a wonderful job in this new role. In intellect, he reminds me a lot of Lee Strobel – a skilled reporter with a passion for the Lord and an ability to defend the Gospel with strong logic and gentle persuasion. If Cisco is here, leading a congregation at this time, then the hand of God is guiding him. God Bless this fine young man! ~ Gary Stoika

    1. Hi Gary! I remember you well because John always has spoken highly of you. I remember your calls too! Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words. This is a challenge, but God has been good at every turn.

  2. Where can I get more information? I was hoping you were going to be a completely independent congregation of just plain Christians with the Bible as your Superior. I see the Indiana address and Great Lakes District and I am a little wary. I have begun to equate church umbrella organizations with the federal government; interfering.

    1. The beauty of being a part of EFCA is they are technically a denomination, but they’re comprised of autonomous churches. We are completely able to structure and operate our church the way we feel God is leading us. The EFCA is simply there in a support capacity in case we need help. It’s really the best of all things denominational!

  3. I live in Oak Park, and I am wondering if and when you are planning on starting to meet for worship services. Thanks.

  4. I am interested in learning more about becoming part of your team to help establish and give the church momentum. I have been the president of a religious performing arts parents group at a highschool. I have some experience in school fundraising. I would like to help. Please leave a reply as to how I can attend a meeting. Thank you

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