On Work and Church

By now many of you know I have been hired as a news anchor and reporter at Newsradio WBBM. If you missed Robert Feder’s story you can read it HERE. I’m thrilled because WBBM is such a great station and I have many longtime friends who work there.

Several people have asked what this means for the church. Around 3 years ago, I began working with a team of people to start Village Church of Oak Park. The church has grown wonderfully, not only in number of people, but in quality. Village Church is filled with loving people who truly sacrifice and care for each other as they seek to grow in their faith. It’s a great honor to serve as the Lead Pastor of this church. People have assumed that a job at WBBM would mean my time at the church has ended. No way!

I made the decision early on in my church planting journey to be bi-vocational. That’s a fancy way of saying I have a job outside of the church. Many church planters are doing this because it lessens the financial burden on the new church and also keeps you grounded by intentionally having relationships with people outside the church. Oak Park is an expensive (but worth it!) place to live. It would be nearly impossible for a new church to pay one pastor’s full salary, much less pay for several staff members to work at the church. So, the choice was easy.

The bosses at WBBM have already been kind in working around my responsibilities with the church. For example, I won’t be scheduled to work any Sunday mornings. It is truly a gift of God that I can work at two fantastic places.


3 thoughts on “On Work and Church

  1. Cisco,
    Congratulations, and I’m glad to hear you are still the Lead Pastor at Village Church. I am praying for your ministry as well as your endeavors at WBBM. Please tell our old WMAQ friends that I said hello. I can still listen to WBBM in the evenings and early mornings here in Harrisburg, PA., and I look forward to hearing you on the air!

  2. Congratulations, Cisco! I remember my former pastor, Bob Murfin, worked tirelessly as our pastor, preaching Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday night Bible study as well as hosting Morning Clock on WMBI for many years. He did a great job in all that he did. I’m sure that you will do just as well. God bless you!

  3. I feel like a groupie, I have listen to you on all the stations you have worked, most recently WMBI.
    You are extremely. talented both in the public sector and as a gifted Pastor. I look forward to your expanding careers!

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