God is big. We are small.

Maybe I’m the only one who struggles with this, but I have a tendency to think the work that God is doing in, through, and around me is His most pressing concern. Sure God is working all around the world. Of course. But He really cares about what’s happening in my neighborhood. Thankfully God has a way of realigning the way we see the world.

Anna and I are visiting some friends in Edinburgh, Scotland. This city has 600,000 people, most of whom are not Christian. Not only are they not Christians, but they have no real idea of who Jesus was and is. They don’t know the simple Bible stories that most of us learned as kids. The Scots were recently declared an unreached people group because of the number of people who have no hint of a Biblical worldview.

In many ways, this is where America appears to be headed. Fewer people attend church, hang out with Christians, or know even a little about the Bible. People see less of a reason to bring God into their lives. Within a few decades this leads to an absence of God from the lives of most people.

What is left is an absence of meaning. If a person doesn’t know he or she was created by a loving God for a reason then what is this all about? The few Christians left in the area begin to despair. Things appear to be changing for the worse. It seems hopeless. But then God breaks in.

Anna and I spent this morning worshiping at Carrubbers Christian Centre in the heart of Edinburgh. We were surrounded by a group of Jesus followers who not only love and honor Him, but they are passionate about reaching their land with His message. Instead of seeing things as bleak, they confidently know God is doing big things in the lives of people around them. It’s beautiful.

I’ll confess I had tears in my eyes as we sang with our brothers and sisters, heard solid preaching from Hebrews, and shared communion. God used this time to show me three things. One, He is at work in the world even when things seem hopeless. Two, He has chosen to have all of us on the globe at exactly this time to do big things for Him. Three, while the things God is doing in our neighborhood are vitally important to Him, so are the things He’s doing in Edinburgh and in every other corner of the earth.

I am humbled and honored to serve my King. It’s incredible.


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