The Honor of Being a Pastor

Recently I met with a friend’s mom who has terminal cancer. I visited her because she just moved back to Chicagoland after many years away and doesn’t have a church. She was in incredibly good spirits and shared wonderful stories with me. We prayed and shared communion together. It was an incredible honor to be able to serve her in a small way in the last weeks of her life on earth.

Our meeting got me thinking about the job of pastor. There are times it’s tough. Spiritual warfare is a very real part of the job (that’s never included in the job description that churches post on job websites). The hours can be long. You have to work hard to protect your family from being neglected because of the work of the church. The pay isn’t always great. There are many critics. Pressure to perform on Sunday and make great leadership decisions weighs on you. But we have to remember it is an honor to serve.

That word, honor, has stuck with me recently as I reflected on my afternoon with a dying woman. It was an honor to serve her. I was every bit as blessed as she was. God called me to the job of pastor, but it’s more than a paycheck. So much more. It’s an honor to know the God of the universe who can do anything he wants without me, chooses to use me to extend his love and kindness to others.

Even if you’re not a pastor, God still wants to give you the honor of serving others. Remember that when a phone call comes late at night or you have to go out of your way on a busy day to help someone. God could have used anyone in the world to do what you’re doing, but he chose you. What an honor to be used by God!


3 thoughts on “The Honor of Being a Pastor

  1. Your’re so right, Cisco, serving is an honor, though too many of us strive for honor through self-serving means. That’s the world’s way: be the smartest in the room, lead with confidence, offer pithy advice for the “best life now.” So sad to be on the receiving end of today’s savvy pastor who adds to this mix the burden of Biblical proof-texting guilt. Never mind that the Holy Spirit is grieving, and people are dying without a witness from the heart of God.

    1. Cisco: You bring comfort in a world we cannot control outcomes in. We choose our response, the only choice we have.Will it be one of love and tenderness, or do we let bitterness harden our heart and look at the glass as half full? I choose joy; the joy God asks us to have despite the circumstances we find ourselves in, as Paul teaches. Thank you so much for being the man God made you to be.

    2. Sorry Cisco, for the confusion, I should have said you are not like those who serve just to bolster their own self esteem. Unfortunately there are pastors that are not so selfless in their pursuits, and even resort to bolster their efforts with Bible references that make it impossible to question them.
      They say it’s an honor to serve when actually they are the ones seeking glory, not looking to glorify God.
      So, thank you for your genuinely honest pursuit of serving others, to God be the glory.

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