Praying Together

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I often gloss over things in Scripture. I read the passage in the Bible, the big things (or the familiar) pop out, I think about them and then move on. I’m trying to slow down a bit. It seems better to allow God to have the time to lead me toward new things in the text. This happened as I prepared for last week’s message in the book of Acts (you can hear the message HERE). 

In Acts 21, Paul is on his way back to Jerusalem and the Holy Spirit has told him it’s going to be rough. He could be beaten, imprisoned, or worse. But Paul presses on. Some friends tried to encourage Paul to change his plans, but he refuses. Then as Paul prepares to board a ship he and some friends prayed. Acts 21:5-6 says, “After kneeling down on the beach to pray, we said goodbye to one another.” 

This is one of those spots we can skip over quickly. OK, so they prayed. So what? But as I read it over and over again this week I started to think about how often I pray with Christian brothers and sisters. Sure, there’s lots of prayer in church on Sunday morning. But what about when Anna and I have people over for dinner? When I’m talking with someone at a coffee shop do we spend time praying for each other before we say goodbye? I’m sorry to say that doesn’t happen very often. It’s a missed opportunity.

We see clearly in Acts 2:42 that new Christians spent time praying together. And we should too. When we pray with fellow Christians we encourage each other and also literally ask God to unleash His power in our lives. (He created everything you see. Imagine what He can do if we ask Him in prayer!) And if people who don’t follow Jesus are around we just may allow them to see a reflection of Him that God will use to open their heart to the gospel.

So the next time you’re hanging out with fellow Christians don’t let people leave until you spend some time in prayer. I know God will use it!


2 thoughts on “Praying Together

  1. I still miss you are the radio, but am so glad that you are getting to follow your calling and doing so well at it. I always look forward to your emails on what you are doing. God bless you and your family.

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