Prayer Journey

Christians talk about prayer a lot. And we plan to pray quite a bit. But how much do we actually do it? Think about it, the God who created everything you see wants to have a conversation with you. All you have to do is talk! And He wants to bring others to saving faith in Jesus, in part, with our prayers (Romans 10:1). 

Our church is currently involved in a 40 day prayer journey. Each person in our church received a booklet with 40 days worth of prayers and Scripture readings. They each chose 2 people who don’t follow Jesus to pray for during the 40 days. At the end of the 40 days they’re responsible to call these two people to see what the Holy Spirit has been up to. Maybe they’ll have a conversation about Jesus. Maybe it will be a chance to share their faith. Maybe this person will have already become reborn. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities!

Anna and I have really enjoyed praying together each night for the people on each of our lists. We’ve seen God begin to grow the two of us as we ask Him to reach these dear loved ones. I can already see that this journey is going to be great for the people at Village Church.

You can join us on the journey at any time. In fact, the booklets will remain available on our website (click HERE) for you to download whenever you want. If you’re willing to dedicate yourself to 40 days of prayer for two people who don’t know Jesus there’s no telling how God may use it. After you do it, please email me your stories.



One thought on “Prayer Journey

  1. Thank you for calling us to faithful prayer, Pastor Cotto. Watched a little piece on Lindsay Lohan yesterday, Ben Affleck visited her to show support, and I t bought she needs prayer, she cannot do this alone. There is no way for me to follow up wither, but I will commit to praying for her. I loved the original Parent Trap and her role in the remake is how I remember her, a sweet young girl. And I will commit topray for my sister Rose. All three need prayer, but I will focus on Rose.

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