New Website

Well, our website is finally live. It still needs a bit more content and our team is working hard to get that done. But it’s a nice start. We’re blessed to have so many talented people working with us. Take a look at


One thought on “New Website

  1. After 12 years, I still feel my orphanhood, especially when I wish my mom were here to give me counsel. Yes, the Lord does take away, but He also gives, as with you new baby coming so soon. (Think back … you’ll be too tired to think about loss, only about needing sleep!)

    Thank you for sharing your dad’s deathbed testimonial. It brought tears to my eyes, just imagining how you must have long prayed for the Holy Spirit to work in your dad and how much his confession of faith must have meant to you. What a gift from God! When you miss him most, you can be comforted knowing he rests in the arms of our Savior.

    Peace and comfort envelop you and yours, Cisco.

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