The Enemy of the Good

Didn’t someone say perfect is the enemy of the good? I’m trying to remember that as our team works to begin Village Church. There is temptation to wait to invite people until everything is perfect. This is God’s thing after all. It should be excellent. But the more I’ve thought and prayed about this the more I’ve realized that things will never really be perfect. Authenticity calls for us to admit that and transparently worship God together in spite of it.

So, within a few days we’ll launch our website (I’ll let you know when it’s launched on this blog). And, if you’d like to join us for worship this (or any) Sunday we’d love to see you. We meet at the landmark 19th Century Building at 178 Forest Ave in Oak Park at 9:30am.

More than a year ago, God made it clear to me that he wanted me to be a part of a new ministry here in Oak Park. It’s a ministry with a clear focus: sharing the good news of Jesus with people in a spirit of grace and truth.

All for God’s glory!


2 thoughts on “The Enemy of the Good

  1. Cisco, my husband and I really enjoyed you when you were on WLS and were sorry to see you go, but you’ve gone for a great reason.
    When I saw the address of your new church memories came flooding back. Wasn’t that the building of the 19th Century Woman’s Club? I took swim lessons there when I was growing up in Forest Park. I loved it there.
    We’re praying for great success for the ministry.

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