Lots of Progress

It may be hard to believe, but one of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog more often. Luckily I have a whole year to make this work.

Much has happened in these many weeks and it’s very exciting. We now have 18 adults on board our Launch Team that will help us prepare to have everything in place to formally open Village Church to the public. We’re praying that happens by Easter.

We have secured Sunday morning rental space at the 19th Century Club in Oak Park. Located in the heart of downtown Oak Park, the 19th Century Club (also known as The 19th Century Charitable Association) is a huge blessing. The building is beautiful and historic. The social club has been in existence for more than 120 years and has worked hard for causes ranging from women’s suffrage to life-long learning and social responsibility. I’m amazed that we’re going to be able to start our church in such a wonderful spot. And the staff and board of the 19th Century have been so kind and encouraging.

Now we are engaged in getting things ready for launch later this spring. We have a team member who has graciously led the creation of a children’s ministry. It’s going to be a place where kids learn about the Bible, God, and His love for them. Several team members either discovered excellent musical ability or finally overcame their humility to tell us about it.  And I personally am wrapping up a clear explanation of our mission and vision for this ministry. How will we best impact the community with solid Bible teaching, relationships and service? We know those three things will be a big part of Village Church.

We got a huge boost of support of finance, prayer, and manpower from Village Church of Dyer, Indiana. (No, I didn’t give them naming rights to our church because of their support).  The congregation members have wrapped their arms around our project with significant commitments. They agreed to sponsor our church with at least $30,000 in financial support each of the next two years. They have committed to pray regularly for us. And they also pledged to send people all the way up to Oak Park to help out on Sunday mornings when we launch. It’s all overwhelming!

Needless to say, things are going well. But there is much to do. We are busy, but God is directing and sustaining.

For those of you praying for us (and we REALLY appreciate you) here are a couple of specific points.

1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide our planning and work. Also, pray that He is working in the lives of people in Oak Park and the surrounding communities.

2. Pray that God will continue to protect the families of the people working on this church. Spiritual warfare is real!

3. Pray that God will keep us operating with solid integrity so we never ruin our witness.

Thanks for the prayers and support. God is on the move!



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