On Tour

One of our team members and I toured three churches and a theater this past week. Each space has its advantages and disadvantages. We are praying God will prepare a location for us to rent that has adequate space for our worship service, children’s ministries, and parking. And we’d like the rent to be something less than an arm and a leg. It’s a lot to ask, but we know God will be faithful.

I also prepared a packet for prospective donors. Oak Park is an expensive place to do ministry and while we build a self-sustaining congregation, we will be relying on donors to allow the ministry to function. Please pray that God brings people with a heart for church planting into our path.

Anna and I spoke to our church family at Calvary Memorial Church this morning. That was really tough. We’ve been members there for many years and have so many close friends there. But, like a child who has to move out of the house before they can reach God’s potential, it’s time for us to move on. We were blessed by all of the words of encouragement, including one man who told us we’d always be family.

This week I’ll be meeting with a radio station about a job, getting some mentoring from a pastor-friend who I have known for many years, attending discipleship and church planting training, and then preaching this weekend at Village Church in Dyer, IN. Until I wrote that I didn’t realize just how busy this week will be. Please pray for God’s grace.



2 thoughts on “On Tour

  1. Wow! You ARE really busy! And looks like you will need lots of pray to manage the stress, changes, changes and more changes! We are excited for you Cisco and will keep you in our prayers. Plus, we look forward to visiting your new church sometime soon. We, actually, will bring an unchurched couple (who are Christians) with us! Many blessings! Dave and Lynette

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