Back On The Radio

It’s only for one day, but it’s pretty exciting to be back on the radio again. On Monday morning, I’ll be the fill-in host for Mark Elfstrand’s program on Moody Radio Chicago (90.1 FM). I have known Mark for many years and greatly respect his work, so it’s an honor to be on his show. So, tune in from 5-9 AM Monday morning. It will be great to talk with you again. If you can’t be near a radio you can listen live online via the Moody Radio website.


10 thoughts on “Back On The Radio

  1. It may be one day, Cisco, but it’s a foot in the door. I still think you’d be a perfect fit at WMBI on a regular basis.


  2. My wife and I used to have our alarm clock wake us up to Mark Elfstrand’s show on Moody radio, but I had to stop listening to it. I could’nt stomach the simplistic right-wing commentary. For instance, a frequent theme would be how churches should be helping people with hard times, and there should’ not be as much government involvement. I exchanged some emails with him to try to find out why they would never give out specific information about which churches people should contact with there loss of jobs and health care problems. He really wasn’t able to answer me. If you are going to say churches should be providing for social & economic needs, you should be able to provide some specifics about where people should go (especially during these hard times).

    Also, there was the blind support for war and the gay bashing.

      1. What I am saying is frequently the host or one of the guests from a think-tank or ministry would express the idea that ideally churches or private groups should be providing the safety nets that are currently provided by state or federal government. While some churches & private groups do provide help to people, it is not practical to believe that they could take over this role. Yet the frequently express this view.

      2. Also, why spread this notion that churches and private groups should take over the safety net functions of government? They certainly know this is not practical. If they do think it’s practical, how about try to implement their ideas? Moody Radio could be a clearing house of information for those seeking help from churches and private groups.

  3. Heard you on Moody and knew something was amiss (gig loss at WLS) but loved the morning ride! Thanks for all the work for conservative causes at WLS. Good luck at the church plant and at home too. I was a regular listener back when you had thought of running. Oh yeah, my wife and I are WIU grads…uh around ur time, LOL! God bless!

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