Between Jobs Update

Several of you have emailed asking for an update and I promised I would do it anyway, so here it is. I hope you’ll understand this in some respects has to be cryptic and vague. (Radio and church people like to keep some things quiet.)

The past two weeks have been filled with three things: meetings with radio professionals, meetings with church ministry professionals, and coffees, breakfasts, and lunches with friends. (The friends almost always buy because they feel sorry for me. I’ll take pity if it means not paying at a restaurant.) I almost forgot to mention, for the first time in 13 years I haven’t had to set an alarm clock at all, much less for a time when it’s still dark outside. I’ve been able to start most days with a long walk around my neighborhood, then breakfast with my wife and 21 month old daughter (my 3 month old is there too, but he doesn’t eat much at the table), and then a significant time of prayer. It’s pretty sweet.

I head to Michigan for the next week with the wife and kids to see some family, buy freshly picked fruit, do some reading, and help my daughter learn to ride a tricycle without falling off of it. All should be pleasant and easy except for that tricycle thing. When I get back its two more weeks of significant radio and church meetings (and hopefully a few more free meals). Anna and I are trusting that these will more clearly show us where God is leading.

I can already tell one of the lessons of this phase of my life is going to be truly understanding the idea of faith. It seems embarrassing to say since so many others have been experiencing this for years in this economy, but in looking ahead to an uncertain future I am being challenged on whether I truly have faith in God as my provider or whether that was just something easy to say when things were going well. The Bible tells us in the book of Hebrews that “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” It’s easy to say you have faith if you think life is secure and you’re not going to have to worry about things financially. But you really see if you have faith when that earthly security is tenuous or disappears altogether. It’s kind of funny because it’s almost like God says, “Hey, silly! The only reason you had security while you had the job is because I gave the job to you. Why are you questioning your security now?” Yep, it’s humbling to say the least.


16 thoughts on “Between Jobs Update

  1. As opposed to concern about a job, a little reading of Job puts faith in perspective. Although it depresses me at times, I read that book of the Bible frequently to keep perspective in life.

    Happy trails in Michigan!

  2. All I have to say is that I truly miss you on the radio. I don’t know the behind the scenes, but your replacements are losing me as a listner. Good luck and keep the faith.

  3. Thank you for your example of faith in action. Yes, God is in control and we encourage one another in the tough times. Many of us are right there with your family, also uncertain of the future, but thanking God for his leading. Enjoy your time in Michigan. You continue to be an inspiration to us.

  4. Try to enjoy the gifts of no alarm, and time to spend with family, prayer, reading, and free lunches, without worry. I know what you mean about faith because I am in danger of losing my home in the near future dispite making faithful payments. I dedicated it to God ten years ago when I got it and have to keep reminding myself that it is His so worry is not necessary. (easier said than done) I’d really like to hit people who say this, but it is very true – “that which does not kills us makes us stronger.” You are a good man and God has good
    things for you in the future. You and your family are in my prayers.

  5. Hi Cisco! I just want to encourage you that God does indeed always provide, even when there is not a paycheck that you become accustomed to. Our family has been walking in such a circumstance since the fall of 2008. It has been absolutely incredible to see our Father completely take care of us, more than we could ever have imagined. It is worth what others see as hardship for the joy of knowing Papa’s goodness to us in a deeper way than we had before!

  6. Cisco,
    I lost my job back in 2008, so I’m in touch with what you’re going through. I thought the new start would be a great time to start a new venture working in PR for some political campaigns. For 10 years I worked as a political reporter in NC before taking a corporate writing job in the Chicago area. I thought I could use that experience in the political arena. I found work, but none that paid a lot, or that wanted to use me for free. I took some pro bono work thinking that would help me get my name out there, but all it did was let people know I could work for little or nothing. I had a long conversation with God about the direction I was trying to go professionally. I remember asking God for a sign where He wanted my career path to lead. Several days later I started getting calls from some news organizations wanting me to work with them. Once I put it totally in His hands, I found the path of least resistance.

  7. Cisco – I have often walked the path of trusting God as my sole provider as I’ve been out of work several times. And while I do not have the added concern of having a family to provide for, I can tell you that God is and will always be a faithful provider. During months when I didn’t know how the rent or utilities were going to get paid (or food for that matter), God always sent a solution – sometimes in the 11th hour. A bit nerve-wracking for sure some months, but everything always got paid every single month. I share this to encourage you, dear brother. Lean on the Father, trust in Him. He is going to work this out and use it to build your character and faith. Blessings to you and your beautiful family. You will all be in my prayers. Matthew 6:25-34

  8. One thing I know for sure is that our Father loves you and He will never lead you where His grace will not protect you…..

  9. Cisco, what a joy to share your faith.
    Wont it be exciting to see what God has in store for us!
    His Word, promises and presence of God the Holy Spirit are what endure.
    Trackin’ you, Bro.

    Carroll Alexander (Mr.)

  10. Hi Cisco. I wish you and your family all the best God has for you. I remember when you did the news segment in the Don and Roma morning program, and frequently heard them reference that fact that you were a student at Moody Bible Institute.
    I pray the Lord to bless you and show you what He has trained you to do all these years. Thank you for sharing your faith and for encouraging those of us who are going through transitions and changes in their lives.
    God bless you and your efforts to live for His glory.

  11. I find your post rather amusing. I first heard you on WLS back before you went to WIND. You didn’t have your own show but you participated in several other shows. The others referred to you as “reverend”.

    Then you went to WIND and had a show with John Howell. I didn’t listen often but it seems you represented conservative views while John represented liberal views. Next you had your very own show on WLS and you expounded your extreme conservative views. In all honesty as I listened to you on WLS I was wondering if you still held to the Christian faith at all. That’s why I find your post so amusing. Here you are now expounding faith.

    Do you really view God as your provider? You comment about God saying “Hey, silly! The only reason you had security while you had the job is because I gave the job to you. Why are you questioning your security now?” Are you suggesting that there are no faithful Christians who suffer financially? Is it your opinion that all good faithful Christians around the world have adequate financial means? I don’t get that message from the Bible. I don’t think God guarantees financial stability to anyone. The story of the widows mite (Mark12:41-44) tells us she gave all she had out of her poverty while the wealthy were giving out of their surplus. She had faith but didn’t have money.

    You quote the book of Hebrews “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Keep reading after that. It never mentions faith receiving financial stability. Hebrews 11 ends with “And all these, having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised, because God had provided something better for us, so that apart from us they would not be made perfect.”

    God guarantees nothing during our earthly life. Our faith is the faith of Gods salvation and eternal life in His kingdom. It’s faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. It’s not about having a nice house and plenty of food on the table.

    God also teaches and rebukes His children. Is there something God wants you to learn through this? Is God rebuking you for something? You might want to take some time for an inward reflection rather than merely trusting for Gods provision. If I questioned your faith during your radio shows perhaps others also did. Perhaps God was wondering too.

  12. Hi Cisco,
    I have listened to WLS since around 1991, so I have heard you on different shows and on WIND. I pray that you will be 100% obedient to the Lord in wherever he leads you and your family.

    I am 44 y/o, a survivor of childhood psychological (brainwashing) sexual abuse (pre-puberty) by my narcissistic pedophile physician father. My mother beat me and verbally abused me. She was aware of the abuse with my father and was jealous of me for having “an affair” with him. My dad molested me from my earliest memories (a little younger than 2 y/o until about 11-12.) I had bulimia as a teenager, spent my 20s in recovery from the childhood sexual abuse (I had 100% amnesia of the sexual abuse). I met a great counselor while at Wheaton College, who stood by me while my father, brother and sister sued her for “planting false memories” into my head. I then was sued personally for something that happened at work. (My name was dismissed from the claim.) Now, I have a 5 y/o son who is non-verbal, has auto-immune intestinal disease, antibodies that are attacking his brain, and has a diagnosis of moderate level autism. I am married to a Christian who is one of the biggest pessimists in the world. (His family emigrated from Europe and held in slave labor camps under Tito just for being German.) I had a new set of memories come back of my father molesting me the weekend of 12/4/10.

    I have done my best, with God carrying me, to follow Christ with as much obedience as possible. I do not know why God allows bad things to happen to the innocent, or why he allows more bad things to happen to some people rather than others. M Scott Peck wrote in People of the Lie, that he believes that Satan afflicts humans the harshest who have the most potential for being holy.

    I write all of this to let you know that there are others suffering out there with much more than a job loss, and to encourage you to be obedient to the One who made you. This obedience brings inner freedom. You may need to take a road that seems much different than the one you had planned in life. God has the very best in mind for you though!! His thoughts towards you are more than the number of grains in the sand in the ocean, and he sees the inside of you like no one else can see you (Psalm 139 does not apply to just the time in the womb, at least not for me.) God has big things in store for you, Cisco!!!! Stay strong and stay submitted 100% to the Lord. Your life will flourish like you never imagined it could if you do this. Praying for you.

  13. Hi Cisco,
    Just wanted you to know how much I miss your morning show and commentary! The first morning I turned on the radio and realized the show wasn’t yours anymore, I was sort of freaking out! LOL What the heck happened to Cisco??! Well, now I know. 😦

    I last heard you speak in person at one of the IFI Banquets, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the way your faith comes through in everything you do!

    Surely, God has something wonderful on the horizon for you and your wife that is more than you can ever imagine. I’ll be keeping up with your career, and look forward to hearing where God brings you next!

    Blessings to you!

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