We’ll call it “between jobs.”

Yep, it’s true. My WLS career is over. I have suspected it was coming to a close for many months, but Friday it became official. The bosses were adamant that it had nothing to do with ratings or revenue generated by the show (both were good), but that they simply like the new hosts more and think they’re better for the radio station. They have been groomed for this and now is the time to make the switch. I actually think they’ll both do well.

Believe it or not, this is very good for me. And I’m not just trying to put a positive spin on a bad situation. My wife and I have believed for several years that God is calling us to ministry in Oak Park, where we live. The process of making that happen has kind of moved into overdrive in the past few months. This has led me to wonder at many points whether being a conservative talk show host would hinder that ministry. Jesus loves liberals too (yes, it’s true!) and I don’t want them to stay away from Him because of things I say on the radio. He’s just too important. Certainly more important than a radio career.

So, this is definitely the end of my time in conservative political talk radio.  If you think about it seriously for just a moment, whether you’re heading to heaven or hell is a way bigger deal than a debt-ceiling debate (Don’t send me emails. I know that’s important too.) Perhaps I’ll be moved to another form of radio. Maybe I’m done on the dial altogether and will enter full-time Christian ministry. Only God knows and He tends to reveal these things slowly.

Thanks to all of you who have sent encouraging words via Facebook, Twitter, and email. It’s very humbling and I appreciate it more than words can express. Getting the chance to talk with you every weekday morning has been an unspeakable blessing for me. Keep checking back here for updates as to what God’s doing in my life and ministry. It’s going to be exciting!


69 thoughts on “We’ll call it “between jobs.”

  1. I was thrilled when WLS gave you the gig and was never disappointed for my faith in you. Your head is squarely on your shoulders and you’ll have no problem being successful at anything you do because you always keep your focus on what’s important. All the best to you and your family. Bill

  2. Cisco, I will miss you. You really told it like it was when you were on WIND and WLS. You were my reason for changing from WIND to WLS – I took you over Glenn Beck! I was hoping Wolf and Proft would replace Roe in the afternoons and keep you at your 9am slot. I like all three fellas but I like my talk radio to be more hard hitting and revealing and less kidding around like your show. I’m not sure I will stay with WLS – I will probably go back to John Howell and Beck then switch over to Rush, then switch back to WIND for Medved. You see I only left Big John for Don Wade and Roma for you – I didn’t want to keep changing my stations during the day. Darn! I wish you and your family all the best, bless you and thank you for all the hours of listening enjoyment.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed your show Cisco! You’ve done such a great job communicating the issues with consistency, compassion and integrity. I’ll miss hearing you each day but trust God has a great plan for you. I believe that all you do for his glory is considered ministry including your time at WLS. God bless in your new adventures!

  4. I am glad you can take a positive view on this “change”, which is in-line with your personality and faith. I liked your show and I will miss it and your views/talk.

    Good luck. Let me know if you want a google+ invite LOL, you can never have too many social media options

  5. Awwww, Cisco – you will be missed! Good luck to you and your wonderful family – They should have paired YOU with Dan Proft!!

    1. That would be a great show. I like Dan but not the other guy. Sure miss you Cisco.

      Turn on another station at 9 am now.

  6. Turned on the radio this AM and no Cisco Cotto. Am disappointed you are not on the air and will miss you. Good luck for the future. Hopefully you will get another radio spot.

    1. I am glad and sad at the same time for you. You lightened up my mornings. Forget about the other two mopes. I think I will turn back to K-love and Wmbi. Good Luck to you and maybe my Christian Rock band called Final Line and you will hook up someday for a show.

  7. Hi Cisco,
    I’ve always enjoyed your perspective on issues. Your faith showed at a time when people of faith are often derided and I found it brave of you to be so open about it. Your letter above reflects your deep values and I applaud you for setting such a great example for the rest of us to follow. Best wishes for your future.

  8. I’ll miss your show. I too switched over from Beck when you got the WLS gig. Guess it’s back to Beck now (“excitement” at WLS is a bit juvenile for me; I listen to the KMBZ-Kansas City afternoon Shanin & Parks show over WLS). Thanks for also introducing me to the David Crowder Band! I’m sure everything will work out for the best. Marty

  9. come on really? Who”s makin the decisions at Wls? Huge mistake letting you go for these two guys who fill air time with bickering between thier selves….you were easy to listen too,respectful to your guests,and didnt always have to be right. I will miss you and send well wishes for your future….

  10. Cisco, I was shocked this morning when you were not on, But I am proud of your attitude and as a fellow believer I am thrilled with your exit blog, The Lord is smiling and I can’t wait to see what door is opened next. Jeremiah 29:11

  11. Cisco you are obviously a class act as evidenced by the gracious comments.The Lord will lead at His timeless pace and though there may be personal hurts it will be for your benefit.Ryno not getting the Cub job,best thing could have happened to him

  12. LOOOOVED listening to you and will miss you a lot! Good luck with your calling, as that is so much more important!

  13. Wow! I tuned in this morning to hear you and was shocked to learn that you’re not on WLS anymore. I’ve enjoyed listening to you since I’ve been in Chicago, both with Big John on WIND, and on WLS. Best wishes to you and tour family in whatever you decide to do next. You will be missed.

  14. I just found you about a month ago on WLS. I’m the PD at a Classic Hits station in Rochester, NY but a talk radio fan. I would listen to you here and there when I had time. I flipped around but always seemed to end up listening to you. Although I was a pretty new listener I appreciated hearing you. I wish you and your family all the best. I was excited to hear about the ministry opportunity you may pursue. May God bless you and your wife.

  15. Will miss you.Loved your show should of replaced Roe and Roper.
    Good luck in the future.
    Hope to see you somewhere.

    1. I agree with you there for sure.

      I never figured out what those guys are about, besides silly laughing and dumb remarks.

  16. Cisco, I met you at IGOLD in Springfield and am glad you are on our side. I will miss you very much. I liked your no nonsence approach and you were a great lead in to Rush. Good luck to you and your family. God Bless!

  17. When you left WIND, I too had to leave. I complained a number of times that thet allowed the wrong guy to leave. So, in the morning i listen to NPR…..isnt that a hoot. at least I know which way they lean.
    May God bless you in your future efforts. I still wish you would have run for the Senate!

  18. What a shock to hear this morning that you are not going to be on WLS any more! I immediately tried to find out why, but I just finally got some kind of an answer here. This is truly a loss for WLS–and for us, your faithful listeners. I, for one, no longer have any reason to listen there any longer after Don and Roma–until Rush time.
    I so enjoyed your common sense–interjected with a spiritual sense that is so missing everywhere else. What you were doing IS ministry. God bless you and your family as you move into whatever area of new ministry the Spirit leads you!

  19. Was a shock to me this morning when I turned on the car radio to hear my favorite morning drive host to work guy, and I hear these 2 other guys. There nice but will not be the same for me who really enjoyed your comments and especially your honesty. My wife had told me about your ministry some time ago and now here it is, your gone.
    I only found out for sure when I got home and went in to the web. Very sorry to see you go, but I’m sure God will find a place for you and Christian Radio could be good. I listen at times and is just as good if not better.


  20. CISCO,


  21. Congratulations, Cisco! Time to build up treasures where it matters – and where they will last for an eternity. Rock on!

  22. Cisco…thank you for all the memories♪♪ Wishing you wonder!! And Cisco…do you have any updates on Eileen Byrne? I think of her often….always interesting with her and Jay and YOU as the cerebral newscaster/contributor…

  23. Cisco, I’ve always enjoyed listening to you on WLS and I will miss you. I’m also glad I was able to see you at Right Nation 2010 in Hoffman Estates. Good luck with your future.

  24. Cisco, I will miss you! I’m sorry, but I’m not a fan of your replacements; they lack the respectfulness and the Cisco touch! Many blessings to you in your new calling, how exciting! I hope one day I’ll be lucky enough to hear you preach!

  25. You will be missed on the air Cisco. May God Bless you in your future adventures. I am sure He has a wonderful plan for your future and serving Him will bring your family much Joy!

  26. Always appreciated your comments way back when when you shared time with Jay Marvin.
    Felt that you had earned and deserved the opportunity at WIND and did well parlaying it. Yes, you are right that it wasn’t a surprise at WLS, but it would be interesting to hear the justification.
    A new window opens when one closes, and things work out for a reason……usually for the best. Good luck!

  27. Cisco, I’ve been a fan since you were Don & Roms’s news guy. Sad to see you go. Having a smart, conservative, unapologetically Christian talk show host on secular radio was a breath of fresh air. May God bless you and your family, and guide you into what He has for you next. Don’t be surprised if you end up in radio at some point, continuing to be salt and light. I echo another comment- you were doing ministry!

  28. I’ve been listening to you since you were a news guy on WLS..and I was so shocked to tune in yesterday and hear you were GONE :,( I have always loved your perspective and
    thoughts…you will be MISSED! And thank you for being an intelligent and respectful public
    Christian voice. You have served Jesus faithfully and no doubt he has even greater things in store for you..! I will be praying for you and your beautiful family. You are richly
    deserving of every success and it’s been a blessing listening to you for so many years!

  29. Like the others, I was shocked when I tuned in at 9 am and didn’t hear your voice on WLS. I was upset. I was glad when WLS gave you your own show, and I’m disappointed that you’re no longer on the air. I liked your perspective, you had interesting guests, you asked the questions that needed to be asked, and you gave us much-needed information so we could stay current and know the facts. However, after I read your blog and what your next move might be, I thought “right on”. It’s so fitting and you can continue to be a light, but now it will be more of a light for what’s truly everlasting. Good for you, Cisco.

  30. very disappointed you are gone from WLS. Do not like your replacement.
    The dichotomy of Christian service- ‘full time’ or serving the Lord in a secular job.
    Oak Lawn desperately needs an Hispanic ministry:)
    God’s blessings on you and your family.

  31. I’ve been a big fan of yours since the fourth grade! It’s been a thrill to watch and listen to u as time has passed. I look forward to seeing where your feet land…:)

  32. Cisco:

    Any chance you could move to WMBI and do a show that combines your conservatism and your faith?

    Wherever you go, I’m ready to tune you in.

    Darrell G. Holmquist
    New Lenox, Illinois

  33. I was on vacation last week so when i came back in on Monday, thought you were just off for the day at first….VERY disappointed to see your gone. I enjoyed your broadcast, and will miss it. your replacements are not even in the same catagory as you. now my morning will drag on….then Rush droning on…ugh! good luck!

  34. Hey Cisco, I enjoyed you on WLS, but as a 27 year radio veteran (half with Moody) I know the secular pressures on a Christians heart. You sound like you already have Gods leading and peace. God bless. Karl Knudsen

  35. I never liked Roe and whomever; can tolerate Don and Roma in small doses; and lump the new hosts ten notches below Roe.

    While I disagreed with many things — I liked your show most of all.

    Now, I have one less reason to listen to WLS — NAG Radio. I am conservative on most subjects, but WLS makes my stomach acid churn.

    Good luck.

  36. Cisco: You always did a great job of representing your faith and being fair, no matter what the topic. As a veteran of radio myself, I know that when God closes one door He always opens another. We’ll be praying for that new open door.
    Your Cisco IL friend, Ron Weishaar

  37. Mr. Cotto,

    I was sad you were no longer on WLS because I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. I was even more excited when I found out you were a Moody Bible Alum. I have had great respect for that school. I actually have applied for their distance learning program. I wish you and your family well. I too have learned that the best place to be is right in the middle of God’s will.

    Take care.

  38. Bruce and Dan, worthy replacements? I scoff. I really enjoyed your show and will miss your voice on WLS. I actually think your common sense viewpoint will serve the church well, in whatever capacity you may find yourself. Good luck and God Bless

  39. Cisco; I’m very sorry to discover you are no longer at WLS. You were the only “local” host I could listen to at that station. The others are either a neo-fascist reactionary with his bimbo wife or those smarmy idiots in the afternoon. Thank goodness I have the Internet to listen to who I want to listen to instead of what a bunch of corporate morons deciding for me.

  40. Cisco, this is out of left field, but it sounds like Christian radio is in your future, please consider Catholic radio, and with it,returning to Jesus’s church. Just as Conservatism is about the truth, so is Catholicism. We need the voice of truth in our word today. Please read chapter 17 especially verses7 through 20. There are several voices on 930 and 950 that have come home to the Church, and you would make a great addition to that group of people. The Holy Spirit prompted me to write you, so intern I try to never dismiss that voice. I’m on facebook if you are interested in continuing this conversation.
    Michael Rakestraw

  41. Cisco,

    My husband and I will miss you terribly! The new team does nothing but babble on back and forth. We’re glad you’ve found your calling and wish you all the best. We miss you!


    Cheryl & Wayne Sanders

  42. Cisco,
    I was so sad when I returned from vacation to discover you were no longer the morning host. I have so enjoyed listening to you the past 18 months and have learned so much. I’m thrilled to hear of God’s plan for you, and wish you many blessings.
    In Him,

  43. I just realized you weren’t on WLS anymore. I thought you were on an extended vacation but when I went to the WLS Radio website and saw those other two joker’s pictures in your time slot I realized you must have moved on. Sorry to see you go. I was glad when you broke off of WIND, with that provencial windbag Big John (Bully, Bombast, Blowhard)Howell who negated every sentence you spoke. It was like a bad experiment in the “Fairness Doctrine”. I like Bruce Wolf, but he’s too much like Svengoolie’s long lost brother and he tries too hard to be jovial. It takes the edge off the message, but then that’s probably what the managenment was trying to do. I guess you didn’t snicker enough, or crack enough jokes about deficet reduction and defaulting on the national debt. Oh well, farewell my friend and I hope to hear you again on the air someday.

  44. You will be missed! Looking forward to the next step in your redemption story!

    The LORD your God is with you,
    he is mighty to save.
    He will take great delight in you,
    he will quiet you with his love,
    he will rejoice over you with singing.
    Zeph. 3:17

  45. I’ll say I know Terry O’Brien through calling her show and now through common net circles, and they did the VERY same thing to her and others. They chased Gary Meir out of there too so you’re in great company!!

    This station has great programming but the only talent they don’t dump all over is Don and Roma which, I like Don, Roma I can do without, but they’re the king and queen over there. That’s for sure/

    I listened to you often and enjoyed your programs and political bent, you’ll catch on.. but thanks to Obama this country’s hiring situation is something we’ve never experienced in our lifetimes across the board, that’s for damnnn sure Mr Cotto.

    Too bad you can’t go back to WIND, I also know Amy Jacobsen and went to high school with her at Hersey about 30 years ago lolol but I talk to her through FB and she’s gotten lucky over there after NBC 5 pulled a WLS on HER thanks to that killer Cop Peterson playing her for a story.

    Good luck sir. You’ll be missed ;(

  46. Cisco,

    I’m happy for you in that you believe this is the Lord’s path for you; however, I will not be tuning in to WLS during your time slot any longer. I just cannot tolerate listening to Bruce Wolf. His silliness gets on my nerves. In the longrun, I think WLS will regret their decision.


  47. Dear Cisco:

    I can’t believe it! I go on vaca. for a week and come back to find out you have been replaced by two new guys whose radio personalities lack integrity and respectfulness of their call-ins. I told my husband the other day I really liked listening to you and the way you talk about subjects with a no-nonsense approach…that you tell it like it is. I will miss listening to you, Cisco. Good luck with your future endeavors; it looks like God has better doors opened for you anyway. God Bless!

    Jolie (downstate Illinois)

  48. I miss you Cisco!!!! I enjoyed you so much at the 9am slot on WLS. Not a huge fan of the 2 new host, nothing against them, just enjoyed you much better. I wish you the best of luck in your new journey but hope its the end of your radio career.

  49. Big John is a friend of mine, and I loved the Christian influence and conservative voice that Cisco had on the AM 560 radio show. I did enjoy calling the show and giving Cisco a hard time … but Cisco is a wonderful Christian man of faith and integrity, and I wish him well! ~Gary Stoika

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